Announcement of the results of applying for Ningbo Science and Technology Award in 2020


According to the requirements of "notice on organizing and carrying out the recommendation work of Ningbo Science and Technology Award in 2020" issued by Ningbo Science and Technology Bureau, the project of "parts detail structure water jet grinding grinding polishing polishing integration technology and linear driving equipment" participated in the application of Ningbo Science and Technology Progress Award in 2020 was publicized.

Contents of publicity: project name; project category; recommended reward level; project introduction; third party evaluation; main completion person and technical contribution; main completion unit and innovation promotion contribution; main intellectual property certificate directory; project economic benefits and promotion and application.

There is no objection during the publicity period. It is hereby announced.

1. Project Name: detail structure of parts water jet grinding grinding polishing finishing integrated technology and linear driving equipment

2. Project category: Technological Invention Award

3. Recommended reward level: first prize

4. Project introduction

With the rapid development of aerospace, machine tools, semiconductors and other fields, the quality requirements of the machine tool and its parts are becoming higher and higher, such as requiring the parts with high size, shape accuracy and low surface roughness. However, the existing manufacturing technology is not competent for the requirements of the shape accuracy machining of the detail structure of the parts. It is an urgent problem to find new manufacturing methods and technologies in the field of ultra precision machining. For this reason, countries all over the world have made plans to speed up the research and development of ultra precision machining technology, such as the NNI plan of the United States and the IRC plan of the United Kingdom. China has also listed the ultra precision machining technology of parts into the strategic industrial development plan, and has developed various precision cutting processing technologies such as precision turning and precision grinding, as well as special processing technologies such as laser processing and ion beam processing. However, it is still unable to solve the problem of ultra precision machining of detail structure of parts, which has become one of the bottlenecks restricting the development of manufacturing industry. The project team took the lead in proposing ultra precision grinding of complex inner cavity details by water jet. With the support of national fund and other projects, it took more than 10 years to solve the technical problems of high efficiency and controllable ultra precision machining of complex internal cavity details of parts, and developed the integration technology of grinding, polishing and polishing and linear driving equipment. The innovative achievements include :

It is the first time to create a precise control technology for the integrity of macro structure of complex inner cavity and micro removal of detail structure

Innovation 2. Development of water jet precision grinding equipment process condition constraint optimization technology for complex inner cavity detail structure of parts

Innovation 3. Invention of water jet grinding system noise suppression and noise elimination and parts of the details of the abrasive retention of the interference collaborative technology

Innovation 4. Development of the water jet grinding equipment precision linear drive and the feedback control technology of the detail structure intelligent grinding

On the basis of the above achievements, we also overcome the technical problems such as online visual inspection, processing quality stability and batch processing consistency, and developed linear motion parts such as linear motor, linear guide rail, linear motion bearing, and linear drive equipment for grinding grinding polishing polishing integrated processing.

The project has won 1 invention patent from Japan and 18 invention patents from China. The results have been successfully applied in ultra precision machining of chip, mold cavity, bearing inner and outer raceway, and extended to solar cell, automobile and other manufacturing enterprises. In the past three years, the new sales and profits of the application technology increased by 545.855 million yuan and 80.706 million yuan respectively.

The results can effectively alleviate the contradiction between high precision and high efficiency in the ultra precision machining process of complex internal cavity detail structure of parts, improve the processing stability and shape certainty of complex cavity detail structure of parts, and solve the problem of ultra precision machining of complex internal cavity detail structure of parts that cannot be realized by existing processing methods. It has the advantages of controllable processing process and high processing efficiency, which can promote me The overall manufacturing level of China's mechanical and electrical parts has played a positive role.

5. Third party evaluation

(1) The project achievement has been appraised by the third party, and the appraisal conclusion is: fill in the domestic blank and reach the international leading level.

(2) The theoretical research results of the project have passed the final acceptance of NSFC.

(3) The core intellectual property of the project has been searched by the State Intellectual Property Office, and the conclusion is that the claims are novel and creative.

(4) The overall results of the project have been Sci-tech Novelty Search (at home and abroad), and the novelty search conclusion is that there is no other literature at home and abroad except for the patents applied by the entrusting party of the novelty retrieval project and the published relevant literature.

(5) The innovation points of the project have been searched by the national first-class Sci-tech Novelty Retrieval institutions. The novelty search conclusions of the four Sci-tech Novelty Retrieval reports are: except for the contents mentioned in the invention patents disclosed by the entrusting party, there is no other literature.

(6) The products produced by the project technology have been tested by the national intelligent manufacturing equipment product quality supervision and inspection center: four test reports are concluded: the products meet the standards of GB / t3177-2009, GB / t1985-2017 and GB / t10610-2009.

(7) The products produced by the project technology have been tested by the National Key Laboratory of photoelectric product testing, and the performance is excellent under STC.